If you would like to purchase an
existing painting from this site, there
are 2 options:

Option 1: Standard Print from the original painting  - Laser copies on matte paper.

Option 2: Hand painted duplicate  - re-painting of the original work (not an exact
replica, but an extremely close, original, and signed piece of work. Many people can
not tell the difference between my originals and my duplicates).
For a custom order
The price of each artwork is based on the time, supply costs, and intricacy of
subject matter involved.

If you are interested in my art services, simply call or text me at
314-412-9470, or
email me at
krisfromofallon@yahoo.com, and I will give you the price for
your desired project based on the above factors.

At this time I am only excepting cash.
The client needs to pay me half the cost of
the artwork upfront to cover my artist time
and material costs.  When the project is
complete, the client then needs to pay the
remaining balance in cash before taking
the artwork from me.