With extensive experience and
graduate training in fine art, I can
truly work in any style from
realistic, impressionistic, to
abstract. You can select any
appropriate subject of your
choice, and I can provide the
custom painting. In the galleries
on this site, you can view my
sample original paintings and
drawings.  Please note that I can
create fine replicas of my
originals.  Further, I can work in
any style from art history or even
children's literature that you
prefer. I can emulate other artists
or illustrators of your choice or
can create completely original
artwork for your home or business.
Please browse through my
website to view samples in these
categories: portraits, seasonal
artwork, still lifes, landscapes,
seascapes, botanicals, ink prints,
abstracts, children's themes, and
My name is Kristine Stenzinger,
and I am a fine artist who can
paint exquisite artwork and create
accessories to complement your
decor. Working in a variety of
media and styles, I can create
portraits, still lifes, landscapes,
children's themes, and other
paintings to enhance your living
room, dining room, kitchen,
nursery, and more.
Please contact me via email, text,
or phone to inquire about my art
or to place an order.  Thank you,
and I look forward to creating
lovely custom artwork for you!

   Kristine Stenzinger
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